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If you love to travel and you love to write, it is possible that you might be a travel writer.  A career as a travel writer would never be boring to you because you have combined your two passions, that of travelling and writing.  Travelling and writing are two of my passions.

I have held a couple of positions where I was hired to write, both were government jobs.  In the one job which was a contract position, I was hired to do research and produce an article on the government foreign aid program to countries in the third world.  My next job as a writer was writing about lands, historical sites and buildings owned by the government.

I was getting paid for writing and that was fine with me.  I have always had two passions and they were, indeed, writing and travelling.  As the years went by, I discovered another love which fit into these two things quite comfortably.  I loved to blog and started a few blogs on travel.  These blogs on travel include hotel information, sights that a tourist must see when in a particular country and anything else a tourist might like to find out about and not want to miss.

When travelling, I always took along my camera and managed to photograph everything I saw that people might be interested in.  In this way, I was able to furnish my blogs with photographs to illustrate the particular destination.  When laptops were invented, the fantasy of travelling, photography and writing had found the perfect vehicle with which to pursue all of these passions.  So now, on road, it’s just me, my camera, my laptop and a few clothes along for the ride off to another vacation destination, a few weeks, a few months or whatever time allows.

To actually make real money when self-employed as a writer is a struggle in itself.  My two government jobs as a writer paid very well.  But to work as a freelance writer is where the ability to make contacts and the ability to sell your work comes in very handy.  I supplement my income as a writer now, writing for other blogs and web sites.  People who require content for their websites and blogs and either don’t want to write or can’t write or are too busy to write – for whatever reason, will hire me.  I think my rates for freelance writing are very reasonable and competitive.

If you are seeking a person to write content for your blog, you can always hire writers from a third world country like India or Sri Lanka for as low a price as one cent a word. The problem always arises with English language abilities and how long this person you have found will write for you.  Another problem is that some “writers for hire” are actually copying material that is already on the web.  Content which has been taken from other sites is seen as copyright infringement or downright thievery.  The problem with duplicated content is that the site owner will be penalized by Google.

The latest development in the world of blog content writing is that the price is slowly climbing and the price for quality writing is getting higher now that this service is in demand.  Another skill that the content writer must learn these days is SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization if you are writing content for the web.

I’ve acquired all the skills of writing over time – good writing can come from good reading, studies in journalism and literature at university and then just good old plain practice which helps improve writing skills.  Over the last two years, I have done the training in search engine optimization that I needed to have to develop the skill to write good content for blogs and for the people who hire me to write content for them.

So in between the writing, the travelling, I have a couple of blogs going on some of my favourite places in the world.  A couple of months ago, I started a blog about hotels in Panama.  I’ve got other blogs on different holiday destinations, but I don’t like to reveal all my sites at one time.  I love to write about these amazing places that I’ve travelled to and one day hope to retire in… It is in one of these places you will find me where I shall continue my habit of writing and blogging.


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Blogging at WordPress

I’ve probably been blogging for about two years now, but it’s been a long journey, a steep learning curve and the learning keeps going on and on and on.  Add to this, the massive amount of writing and posting I do on weekends and any free time I have during the week.

The reason I got into blogging was it seemed like a natural progression from web design.  To accompany this natural progression, I had the ability to write content and research.  However, when I should have really started blogging, I took one look at WordPress and thought, no, it’ll take me too long to learn and I could do much more just by designing a new website in html and trying to run it like a blog.

Well, six months later, and so much manual work later, I decided that perhaps I should have gone ahead with WordPress and started learning it.  I turned the html site into a blog and learned slowly and painfully how to use WordPress.

One difference between WordPress and an html site is that with html, you have to create page after page and if you are running affiliate ads, you have to keep updating them and finding them on each individual page to replace them if they expire or you need to change an ad.

WordPress comes with so many fantastic plugins that facilitate the blogger in the task of blogging.  I don’t believe any of these great plugins would work with an html site.  Also, there are thousands of different WordPress themes you can use and customize for your blog to individualize it.  Once your blog is set up, all you are doing is posting articles and adding afiliate ads if that is the route you are going to take.  There’s a little more to it than that, but it is certainly easier than constantly updating an html website.

I’ve hosted my blogs on individual dotcom names, at blogger and now I am trying hosting at  Just a change in venue for another blog.

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Welcome to Veraz Freelance Writing

I finally decided it was time to get a site about my freelance writing projects, introduce myself and offer up my freelance writing capabilities to the world.

I’ve just started this site, so I hope you will eventually be able to find some interesting reading, love my writing and choose to hire me for your writing projects.



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